PAYG (Employee Withholding) Northern Rivers NSW

PAYG is one area of your business that you simply cannot afford to leave to chance.
Here are 6 things every northern rivers business owner should consider about PAYG

  1. Is your business compliant with the fresh WorkChoice changes?
  2. Was it essential for your business to apply the WorkChoice changes or was your business exempt from these changes?
  3. Is your business applying the current pay rate for employees who are entitled to penalty rates (for example, Saturday, Sunday or public holiday rates), as per the latest guidelines?
  4. Whenever your business has regular employees; have the sick leave entitlements been improved to reflect the increment in individual leave from sick leave entitlements?
  5. Is your commercial enterprise aware of the cost differences for employers / employees when businesses hire regular / permanent part-time or casual employees.
  6. PAYG is a nightmare for the unenlightened and it pays off to get it correct! We’ll analyze each of this year’s payroll registers and notify accordingly.